Core Team Training

Core Team Training is the cornerstone of Panther’s training curriculum. In parallel with product implementation, Panther works with clients to select and train a core group of users referred to as the Core Team. The Core Team then becomes a permanent on-site resource for the customer.

Core Team Training is offered on-site or at Panther Systems corporate training facility. Core Team Training curriculum is standardized based on years of experience delivering successful implementations.

Real-Time Training

Real-Time Training is performed on-site as a form of on-the-job training. The goal of Real-Time Training is to demonstrate the core functionality of the product and answer specific training or product questions. Real-Time training typically occurs at the same time as implementation; but can be offered any time to meet specific customer needs.

Optimization Training

Optimization Training involves analyzing process efficiency and creating a customized training program to maximize performance and return-on-investment. When requested, Optimization Training typically occurs 6-12 months after actual product implementation – not every customer will request or require optimization training.