Project Services

Project Services include project management, network engineering, software engineering, and installation support. Panther will deliver a timely and trouble free installation of even the most complex system based on years of focused industry experience.

Radiation Inspection Services

Panther can save you money on services and inspections for your radioactive devices while maintaining the high quality standards state and local regulations demand.

We pride ourselves in providing the most cost-effective solution in the country!

Panther is an experienced, qualified third-party radiological service and inspection company. We provide superior service in testing and inspecting radioactive devices, and maintaining the rigid documentation required by your state radiological agencies.

Besides saving you money, Panther is also convenient. We maintain a schedule of your required services based on your state requirements, and then contact you when those services need to be scheduled. Once we come to your site and complete our inspection(s), we follow up with the necessary documentation for you and your state.


  • Cost effective services
  • Panther schedules and files the documentation to make the process convenient
  • Nation-wide inspection team
  • Leaders in third-party inspections and services

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