Panther's Quality Control System (QCS) Solution

Our Three-Fold Solution

First, Panther can provide third-party parts and services to extend the life of your current QCS system. We are experienced with all the major brands of systems on the market and can provide an immediate cost savings on parts and services for your system. We can save you up to 20% with an equivalent or improved level of service.

It is quite often possible to improve the performance of legacy sensors and frames by replacing obsolete processing hardware and software with newer, less expensive, yet higher performance components.

Second, if you need to upgrade your current system, we are in a unique position to save you thousands of dollars by using your existing legacy scanners and sensors where appropriate, and providing new equipment when necessary. In the case where the sensors, scanners and actuators can be left in place, we can interface Panther's ICIS™ base system to the legacy equipment. If new hardware is needed, Panther's partner, Mahlo America, provides our scanning platforms and advanced sensor technology.

Third, if you are looking to replace your current QCS system, Panther's ICIS PC-based automated control system improves paper quality while dramatically reducing waste. The ICIS system is fundamentally different than other systems by offering advanced machine measurement and control coupled with long-term, low cost maintenance.


Panther's senior support personnel have many years of direct experience and provide continuing service and optimization on the following QCS systems.

  • Honeywell/Measurex
  • ABB/Accuray
  • Voith Impact Systems
  • NDC, EGS Gauging and more


  • Cost savings of up to 20% or more with equivalent or improved service
  • Eliminates need for end-of-life on legacy systems
  • Upgrades cost less using existing scanners and sensors
  • Large inventory of legacy parts with world-wide contacts for maintaining this inventory

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