Panther's Centralized Business Intelligence

Panther’s Centralized Business Intelligence solutions provide multi-mill corporations to single mill companies with easy access to the key information needed to run a successful enterprise. These solutions provide high level views of important data with the added ability to drill-down to lower level details.

Panther's solutions provide the information necessary for decision makers to effectively direct the course of the company, to view efficiency and to easily access production issues and trends within the company.

The Centralized Business Intelligence Solutions include Panther's DataWarehouse and the Panther Dashboard.


Panther's Enterprise Data Warehouse

Panther’s new Data Warehouse provides a corporate view of key financial statistics such as those involving production and downtime. The Warehouse standardizes mill reporting throughout a company and provides a true “apples to apples” comparison of reported data. This information can be viewed at a corporate, division, and mill level.

Besides the corporate benefits, the Data Warehouse eases month-end reporting for mills which can often be tedious and time consuming. The Warehouse reports allow mills to view runnability issues, and provide a comparison with other mills within the corporation.

Information can be exported in a variety of formats, and many of the reports have drill down capability to view test details and values. The Data Warehouse also provides users with the ability to sort data, and create charts and graphs.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides a corporate view of key information with drill-down to mill level
  • Reduces time spent on monthly corporate reports
  • Provides a quick view of corporate operating effiencies
  • Standarizes company reporting
  • Allows managment to easily identify runnability issues
  • Provides production and budget variances
  • Provides ability to run comparisons throughout corporation

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Panther Dashboards

Panther Dashboards is an affordable, dynamic, web-based delivery solution that displays real-time views of vital information of all company or corporate data. This centralized business solution consolidates, organizes, and clearly presents your company’s enterprise data. It includes the capability of automatic notification, monitoring and alarming.

Panther Dashboards works for any business, product or service. It not only helps users monitor current output, but it also assists in predicting future performance by providing key information based on past and current data from multiple sources such as SAP, JD Edwards, IPC Client and OSI PI Client.

The timely information provided by Panther Dashboards assists clients in effectively making crucial real-time decisions to address potential problem areas such as production, shipments, inventory levels and real-time processes. The information is simply presented, easy to examine, and, in some cases, indicates where action needs to be taken. This allows management to react swiftly and make timely decisions to improve corporate cash flow.

Security is another important feature of Panther Dashboards. This software solution is integrated with Panther’s security application, User Manager, and is designed to meet Sarbanes Oxley requirements. It provides full control over what the users can access.

Panther Dashboards’ web-based design provides peace of mind by allowing you to monitor the pulse of your company from any location, anywhere in the world.


  • Easy to use
  • Empowers decision making with real-time feedback
  • Allows for cash flow monitoring
  • Provides operating efficiencies
  • Monitors accurate and reliable stats on raw materials, quality, and production
  • Improves customer service by providing key information to Customer Service Representatives


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