Mill Operations Overview

MillTools: A comprehensive mill operations management system that supports all the critical processes required to run a paper mill. The activities managed by MillTools include: Front Office, Mill Floor Operations, and Warehouse/Transportation Management.


  • Supports all facets of mill operations
  • Modular system – only pay for what you need
  • Tightly integrates with roll cut & transportation
  • Tightly integrates with production/test systems
  • Reduces waste by supporting real-time roll cut decisions
  • Captures sensor data for local/enterprise decisions
  • Powerful yet extremely cost-effective solution

Front Office

MillTools Front Office is part of a supply chain solution that provides integrated order planning and customer service for a single or a multi-machine paper mill.

The Front Office module provides the front and back end for production roll tracking. More than just an ordering system, Front Office gives management and customer service personnel a continuous view of production and the production plan as driven by orders and customer requirements.

BenefitsFront Office

  • Improved Mill Communications
  • Reduce order and invoicing errors
  • Faster and more intuitive order entry
  • Available to Promise (ATP) for inventory reduction
  • Key management views of order status and patterns
  • Immediate order accounting of shipping events
  • Integrated trim scheduling efficiency tools
  • Electronic transactions save time

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Mill Floor Operations

MillTools Mill Floor Operations supports one of the most critical steps in paper production: cutting jumbo reels into customer rolls. It is critical to perform roll cuts with the ideal mix of planned patterns that maintain the production schedule; and reel/lab quality that minimize costly cull and overproduction. Of course, this requires a delicate balance between information technology and operations expertise. MillTools is designed to assure the most cost-effective roll cuts possible.

BenefitsMill Floor Operations

  • Improves production efficiency
  • Reduces bad production AND overproduction
  • Reduces waste due to over and under-running orders
  • Supports winder paper cut decisions with ALL quality data
  • Provides roll tracking support from start of production to shipping
  • Supports Enterprise integration to ERP Systems
  • Reduces chance of shipping bad product
  • Reduces inventory of unusable rolls
  • Minimizes return costs

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Inventory & Shipping

MillTools Warehouse/Transportation Management is part of the supply chain solution that provides Inventory and Shipping control for a complex single or a multi-machine paper mill. Panther's software provides roll tracking from the start of production, to final shipment.

Warehouse/Transportation Management focuses on streamlining processes and reducing costs in an area of mill operations that has a significant impact on the total cost of filling customer orders.

BenefitsWarehouse and Shipping

  • Optimizes inventory to shipped rolls
  • Reduces shipping load preparation time
  • Reduces inventory carrying and aging costs
  • Reduces waste due to overproduction
  • Provides roll tracking support from start of production to shipping
  • Reduces costs associated with returns
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Eliminates lost roll issues
  • Reduces shipping errors

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