ICIS Software

ICIS applications provide enhanced production control of paper machines by integrating key machine variables from wet-end stock sensors, to dry-end quality sensors and scanners, in a multi-variable control solution. Proprietary control algorithms are used to perform a predictive mathematical material and energy balance for overall production improvements.


  • Reduce sheet breaks
  • Change grades faster
  • Recover from breaks faster
  • Increase control with less manual intervention
  • Increase production without increased fiber or energy consumption
  • Produce new premium grades or products
  • Produce more with less fiber/energy


ICIS Hardware

Panther provides the ICIS Paper Machine Measurement & Control System as a complete solution including any hardware required. The hardware provided by Panther is specifically selected for each application; however, all Panther components share several common attributes: designed for the demanding mill floor environments; extreme reliability; and low maintenance. Panther can re-use existing system components, such as sensors, to reduce costs; or build systems with all new components. Panther uses commercial off-the-shelf parts whenever possible to reduce implementation and maintenance costs. Panther's partner, Mahlo America, provides our cost effective scanning platforms and advanced sensor technology. This also extends the life of the system by reducing obsolescence.

ICIS Hardware from Panther provides the perfect balance by reducing the initial investment required - assuring maximum performance - while holding maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.


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