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Panther' go-live team at Ox Paperboard

Panther Systems' Support Services Manager Mark Schmidt coaches a backtender at Ox Paperboard in Constantine, Michigan.

(Constantine, Mich) Ox Paperboard threw the switch on MillTools® at their mill in Constantine, Michigan on April 24, 2017 to manage their manufacturing process, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve communication internally and with customers.

Panther Systems' go-live team were present as Ox Michigan turned up its first reels and trimmed rolls of paperboard on the new system. to support and coach Ox's core team and users in the front office, lab, winding station and scale areas as well as the warehouse, loading docks and shipping office to make the smooth transition to Panther MillTools. 

The addition of MillTools helps Ox's office team create mill orders and schedule production against customer purchase orders, simultaneously sending properly branded customer communication in one easy step. This manufacturing execution system (MES) receives paper quality data from Panther's machine and quality control systems; these systems were already online at the mill.

Ox team members can turn up new reels and give backtenders information and instructions to increase productivity and reduce waste, while producing rolls against a paperless schedule of patterns inside MillTools. Roll data is applied to actuals, and MillTools generates TAPPI numbers and labels to create trackable shipping units. Users are able to move, locate and reconcile inventory at a glance.

MillTools provides powerful tools to plan loads and ship products to customers, creating a certificate of analysis and manifest. The office team can invoice, issue credit memos and interface with Ox's existing accounting software.

"MillTools now gives the folks here at Ox Michigan greater visibility, control and reporting of process and products than ever before," said Dan Schott, a Panther representative and member of the the company's go-live team.  "Ox Michigan is already benefiting from the mill-configurable capabilities of this powerful suite of applications."

Ox Paperboard uses MillTools at mills in Pekin, Illinois and Constantine, Michigan. MillTools will go live at the company's mill in Halltown, West Virginia in May.